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Frode Thuen

“A podcast that gives insight to, and evokes reflection about some of the most important themes in life”.

"I want to find answers to why the subject is so important to us, dig up facts on the subject, and share the important stories behind. My goal is greater transparency."


A podcast that will ensure greater transparency around childlessness.

I interview psychologists, doctors, scientists and other childless subjects. A guide for you that struggles conceiving, and increased insight about a vulnerable, imortant and societally relevant theme for everyone else.

The podcast and book project is supported by “Fritt ord”.

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About childlessness in the media

Guest on "Norgesglasset 25. aug 2019

NRK video on Facebook 13th july 2019 article with interview

God Morgen Norge


Hi! Nice that you stop by!

My name is Cecilie, I am 45 years old and I reside in Asker. I am currently working on writing a book and I have a podcast. Both shed light on the topic of childlessness. In general, I have a great sense of openness. What is not talked about tends to grow into something unmanageable. Most people will probably think of me as open and somewhat fearless, but I also need …

Landing on a yoga mat

Mountain. Mountain peaks

Soon in the fields


If you have good suggestions for interview objects, or have other comments that are useful for the podcast, you are welcome to get in touch! 

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