Hi! Nice that you stop by!

My name is Cecilie, I am 45 years old and I reside in Asker. I am currently working on writing a book and I have a podcast. Both shed light on the topic of childlessness. In general, I have a great sense of openness. What is not talked about tends to grow into something unmanageable. Most people will probably think of me as open and somewhat fearless, but I also need to retreat to the cave.

I am a medical consultant in cancer treatment for a pharmaceutical company. When I studied biology at Blindern, it was with a desire to work with environmental protection. That was not the case. This was not the case with my plan for a family either. We like to have an idea of what the future should look like. I guess there’s a security in that. I think all people have an ability to adapt. There is never one single way that is right.

In my free time I do more of the things I do not get done at work. I get euphoric when I finally get to the top of the mountain and get to enjoy the view. I smile inside when I ride my bike in the field, a normal Tuesday night. I can chat about anything and everything in the pub, and I need to land on a yoga mat to get myself in.